Alexandra Loew


Striking a balance between discipline and revolt, Alexandra Loew Studio is an interdisciplinary design practice specializing in architectural and interior design, museum exhibition design and curation, and helping build collections of furniture and decorative arts for an international clientele. With offices in Los Angeles and New York, the studio believes that interior design, when at its best, is an aperture to another world.

Founded by designer Alexandra Loew in 2004, her team of designers and scholars are committed to creating work of extraordinary beauty: efficiency of gestures and materials, attention to light and volume, and the considered generosity of form, color and texture. The studio’s work is refined yet earthy, elevated yet comforting, challenging but rewarding, sophisticated yet simple.

Drawing inspiration from personal passions and global resources, the studio follows the worlds of fashion, art, film, dance, and music in equal measure for fandom and fuel. Collaborating with artisans and workshops across the globe, the studio approaches sourcing as a celebration of the thoughtful work of furniture designers, craftspeople and the dealers who assemble vintage and historical furniture and building materials — all in service of presenting a clear vision with a rich narrative and meaningful dialogue with history, the client, and the contemporary moment.

Loew has designed and co-curated with Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher the SFMOMA exhibition Conversation Pieces: Contemporary Furniture in Dialogue, on view August 20, 2022 -June 25, 2023.

Please call us to discuss a potential project or request a complete portfolio of our work. We welcome all collaborations and opportunities.

+1 626. 733. 8341